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The Germanicus Mosaic

Категория: Crime/ Mystery (English), Audiobooks (English)

The Germanicus Mosaic

Author: Rosemary Rowe
Publisher: Chivers Audio Books
Genre: historical mystery
Date: 2002
Duration: 7 hours and 55 mins
Reader: Ric Jerrom
Quality: 80 кбит/c, 44100 Гц, стерео
Size: 271 mb
Format: mp3
Language: English

It is 186 AD. Britain is a province of the Roman Empire. The inland tribes have settled into peace, the island is criss-crossed by military roads, and Roman law prevails...In Glevum (modern Gloucester) lives Libertus, a freedman. For years he has been searching for his wife, and has just heard of a possible sighting when his patron asks for his help on a murder case. A body has been found in a nearby villa. A slave is missing and the solution to the mystery seems obvious. But nothing is at it appears.

Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

Автор(ы): Rosemary Rowe

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