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The Voice of the Gods: Age of Five Gods, Book 3

Категория: Sci-Fi/ Fantasy (English), Audiobooks (English)

The Voice of the Gods: Age of Five Gods, Book 3

Author: Trudi Canavan
Publisher: Hachette Audio UK
Genre: fantasy
Date: 2008
Duration: 6 hrs and 21 mins
Reader: Samantha Bond
Quality: 64кбит, 22050Гц Стерео
Size: 173 mb
Format: mp3
Language: English

As the promise of peace dies, two peoples are once more drawn inexorably into war. Despite her hope for peace, as the protector of the Siyee, Auraya is unable to avoid being caught up in the building conflict. And as the gods' demands increase, she finds that she must choose between those she loves and those she's sworn to serve. Meanwhile, Mirar enjoys acceptance and respect as he reclaims his place among his people, and Emerahl is at last able to join the Thinkers in their search for the Scroll of the Gods. The Pentadrians, determined to take their revenge on the conquering Circlians, plot and scheme to bring down their enemies by means other than direct conflict. The key to everything, though, may lie with the Wilds, who embark upon a quest for secrets buried long ago - secrets that could change the world.
Trudi Canavan, here concludes her breathtaking new fantasy adventure - a tale of gods, heroes, magic, and forbidden love.

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Автор(ы): Trudi Canavan

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