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The Aladdin Factor

Категория: Professional/ Technical (English), Audiobooks (English)

The Aladdin Factor

Publisher: Nightingale Conant 2000
ISBN: 8175120630
Language: English
Format: Audio CD in MP3
Size: 347 MB

Unleash your power to ask! So often, the things that we want in our lives allude us for one very surprising (and deceptively simple) reason. We don't ask for them. From a higher salary... to a better bargain... to a little more help around the house, there are all sorts of desires that we harbor but never achieve, when the fact is, we haven't taken the most important step of all. Now, from the brilliant team who created the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, comes an all new audio program that addresses this perplexing yet universal condition - The Aladdin Factor: How to Ask For and Get What You Want in Every Area of Your Life. What is it that keeps is from asking for what we want? It may seem strange at first. But the act of directly asking for something can be a tremendous challenge that stymies even the most successful people. According to Canfield and Hansen, the difficulty is rooted in a whole collection of psychological barriers, many of which have been with is since childhood. Fears...pride...limiting beliefs...not realizing what is actually available to us...or simply not knowing what it is we want in the first place. These roadblocks are programmed into our subconscious and continually supported by a host of influence schools, the media, even the people closet to us. They hold us back from clearly expressing our true desires to the world - and, consequently, prevent us from achieving the things we want. The Aladdin Factor exposes these roadblocks, and teaches you solid, proven techniques for blasting through them to reach the rewards that lie beyond. You'll learn how to shed self-limiting thoughts, and feel strong and deserving of the things you want. You'll discover how to ask and who to ask in different situations...at home, at work, in shops, on the telephone.

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Автор(ы): Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen

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