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Sex Magnetism - Hypnotic Seduction (Laura De Giorgio)

Категория: Professional/ Technical (English), Audiobooks (English)

Sex Magnetism - Hypnotic Seduction (Laura De Giorgio)

Publisher: Deeptrance
Year: 2008
Format: MP3
Size: 200 Mb

Sexual energy is the essence of vitality - and what you can do with it may be yet beyond your wildest imagination. People who have an abundance of sexual energy have not only greater sexual appeal, but also a greater appetite for life, greater confidence. They find it easier to get what they desire in life because they become naturally magnetic and people like to be around them. Around some intensely sexually magnetic people you can almost feel electric sparks and you'd just love to share those fireworks.
Some people channel their sexual energy into sexual pursuits, some into business pursuits and some like to use it for healing, rejuvenation and for spiritual pursuits. You can use the techniques you learn in this program to improve in some way every area of your life, whether you'd like the opposite sex to fly to you like bees fly to honey and embark upon sensual adventures, or upon successful business adventures or even spiritual adventures.
What Techniques Will You Learn with These Recordings?
You will learn how to:
Develop Sexually Magnetic Personality
Generate Sexual Energy
Project Sexual Energy to One Person or to a Group of People
Project Sexual Energy through your eyes, handshake, others parts of your body, or simply with your mind
Project Sexual Energy to a person (or people) who is present
Project Sexual Energy to a person who is physically absent - also known as "Remote Seduction"
Establish Rapport with another person
Pace and Lead another person
Read Sexual Body Language
Use Sexual Body Language to Establish Sexual Rapport
Use Essential Hypnotic Language Patterns
Mentally Activate and Stimulate the Sexual Energy Center of another person
Create a Sexually Magnetic Aura around you

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Автор(ы): Laura De Giorgio

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